Unlock the secrets to a deeper bond with your furry companion and take your pet connection to the next level!

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🐶 See What the Animals Have to Say About Strengthening the Bond You Share! 😺


If you are like most people, walking the dog is just another thing to check off our to do list. Come and read what wonderful advice Leila has for us!

 spending time together

Snuggling with our pets can be so relaxing. Milky has advice on ways to make our one on one time even more special!

the power of touch

Absentmindedly petting the pooch or cat is something we all do. Stuart says there is so much more to touch than meets the eye!

 play TIME

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy--and this goes for you too! Fluffy suggests that guardians join them in play to improve their overall health!


Our animals can be finicky with their food at times--just as we can be. Tiffany introduces some ways we can make feeding time a better experience.


Gamera gives us some awesome insight into ways to open up the lines of communication even more between us.



What my animal companions have taught me...

What pet guardian wouldn't want to have a deeper connection with their pet? I asked my animals their views and insights into ways to improve our relationship and this guide is the compilation of the wisdom they shared.

Our animals love us unconditionally and wish to connect even deeper soul to soul!

By implementing their ideas, I learned new ways of interacting and became so much more present with them. Our pets are such awesome guides and teachers! When I began to look at things from their perspective a whole new world opened up!

Allow your animal companion to expand your mind, heart, and open up a whole new world to explore together. I can guarantee that their wisdom will fill you with a renewed sense of ways they are encouraging us to strengthen our relationship.

 "This guide is awesome, thank you!" 

"Wow, Cheri!  Thank you a lot, it´s an excellent guide for my learning to be an animal communicator!" 

 "I never thought to ask my pets their opinion." 

Tips and ideas to start implementing today!

20 Ways to Deepen your Connection with your Pet

By opting in, you agree to receive our newsletter and relevant promotions from Sakura Spiritual Academy. You can unsubscribe anytime.