Animal Communication Basics

Deepen your relationship with your pet by learning their language

You don't need to be Dr. Dolittle to talk with your pets!

If you’ve ever looked at your cat or dog and wondered what goes on in that funny little head of theirs, this is the perfect workshop for you. Come and join this three-hour action-packed interactive animal communication basics workshop where you will learn how to strengthen your psychic senses, deepen your connection with your pet and improve your relationship with your pet by learning how to speak their language.

Live Animal Communication Workshop

This incredible three-hour live animal communication workshop has been designed with the novice animal communicator in mind, offering world-class psychic and communicative techniques that will allow you to engage freely with your pet. Supplementary materials are provided to help you on this incredible journey. Feel empowered to learn more about your pets and build a communicative bridge between you and your animal companions for further understanding of their needs.

Included in the Workshop

●Three-hour incredible immersive workshop
●Learn the basics of animal communication
●Communication practice  
●Exercises, techniques, and supplemental information  

How do I Know the Workshop is for Me?

Pets are part of the family. We love and nurture them like our human loved ones, ensuring they have everything they need to live happy and fulfilling lives. But when they don’t speak the same language as us, it is difficult to know exactly what they require or why they are performing certain actions.

My animal communication workshop is perfect for those who want to gain a better understanding of their pet’s needs and address any issues they have. By learning how to communicate with animals, using psychic methods, you can get to the bottom of their problems and find ways to resolve them.

✔  Are you ready to learn how animals communicate?
✔  Do you want to communicate on a level your pet understands?  
✔  Are you eager to develop your psychic abilities?  
✔  Want to learn techniques to remove blocks to animal communication?


The three-hour in-depth course is available to you at a price of just $88. For this price, you’ll receive the training you need to communicate with your pet, supplemental information to revise your learning, and access to the course replay to revisit at your leisure.


Japan: November 13, 9am

"I was fortunate enough to have taken the Animal Communication Basics course with Cheri Michelle, and it was the best course I have taken thus far. Cheri is very thorough and clear in her presentation of the course material and practice exercises which helped me so much. She is very patient and welcomes any questions, communication and feedback given to her. I enjoyed the Animal Communication Basic course so much with Cheri, that I look forward to my next adventure with her. I definitely would highly recommend Cheri Michelle for any courses that she has to offer. It was a wonderful and enlightening experience for me - and I know it will be for anyone as well."       ~Sandra Sanders

Cheri Michelle

Hi, I'm Cheri, pronounced like the cherry blossom! I am an animal communicator, energy healer, and intuitive reader.

I am a professional animal communicator and pet medium who helps grieving people heal and find peace after the passing of their pet. I help people navigate through illness, aging, grief, and loss so they can find peace with the decisions they make. I act as a bridge to understanding the root causes of any behavioral issues so peace can be restored to the home. I help people to better understand the role our pets play in our lives, and the soul contracts we have with one another.

I use various energy healing modalities, including Reiki, pendulum healing, EFT tapping, chakra clearing, crystal grids, and my own signature energy healing modality.

My main passion is animals and I have always felt a deep connection with them. I have learned to open myself up further to their messages and develop my senses so that I may be a better bridge between the animals and their guardians.

My mission is to help empower animal communicators to explore various fun tools to deepen their communications with animals, alleviate the guesswork, and to tap into additional insight from the animals so they can further help, find solutions, and better resolve issues for people and their animal companions.

I am very heart centered and compassionate, and nothing makes me happier than to share my love and light, be uplifting, and fill people with hope and joy.

To find out more about me and my services please visit my main website

With Love, 


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