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Animal Insights Circle

An exclusive free membership for students of the Animal Insights Program

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Discover Exclusive Benefits for Animal Communicator's Toolkit & Spiritual Awakening Students!

Come, join us, and be part of a supportive community that shares a profound love for animals and the extraordinary experiences that come with understanding them on a deeper level.

Let's celebrate our wins, support each other's growth, and create an inspiring network of animal communicators. Together, we'll continue to deepen our connection with our cherished pets and explore the realms of animal communication and spiritual tools.  

As a participant in the Animal Communicator's Toolkit & Spiritual Awakening programs, you're invited to join our Animal Insights Circle—an exclusive membership designed to elevate your skills and expand your connection with animals. 

Free Membership: Gain access to our Animal Insights Circle, featuring monthly support calls where we celebrate your wins and hone your spiritual tool skills, even after program completion.

Expand Your Awareness: Engage in interactive spiritual tool exercises and activities to sharpen your skills and broaden your understanding of your animals.  

Continued Growth and Learning: Stay connected with our supportive community for ongoing exploration, guidance, and personal growth well beyond the program's conclusion.  

For those not currently enrolled in our courses, you can find out more about the Animal Communicator's Toolkit Mastery Program HERE, where you can unlock free membership into the Animal Insights Circle and embark on a journey of profound animal communication and spiritual awakening with your pet.

For those currently enrolled in the Animal Communicator's Toolkit or Spiritual Awakening with your Pet, CONTACT me to join.

Cheri Michelle

As a pet medium and animal communicator, I help individuals heal and find peace after the passing of their beloved companion. I assist pet guardians in understanding and connecting with their pets, even after they have passed away, to bring closure and comfort to their grief.

I'm the founder of Sakura Spiritual Academy, where I offer a range of courses tailored to deepen the connection between pet guardians and their beloved animal companions. My goal is to help you understand and communicate with your pets, enriching your relationship in the process.

My commitment is to empower pet parents like you by introducing a variety of spiritual tools that not only enhance understanding but also strengthen the bonds you share with your animals.

With a compassionate and heart-centered approach, it's my privilege to assist you in gaining clarity and navigating any challenges you may encounter in your journey with your animal companions.

Sending warm regards and positive energy to you and your cherished pets,