Astrology for Pets

Uncover Your Pet's Personality and Needs Through Their Stars

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Ever Thought Your Pet Might Be a Leo? Or Perhaps a Pisces? Let's Find Out!

You’ve mastered the walk, the fetch, and even the vet visits. But what if the key to truly understanding your animal companion lies beyond the Earth, written in the stars? It’s not just about when they were born, it’s about the cosmic forces at play the moment they came into this world.

Welcome to the Using Oracle Cards for Pets Course—journey into the astrological signs and planets that shape your pet’s character and behavior. No horoscopes from the back of cereal boxes here; this is the real celestial deal.

🐶 Delve into astrology and learn how to read your pet's chart so that you can better understand your pet

😺 Learn about the karmic connections between you and your pet, and how your astrological charts can offer insight into your soul contracts

🐰 Gain a deeper understanding of your pet's unique qualities and how they shape their behavior and interactions with the world 

Course Curriculum

Discover the Cosmic Secrets of Your Pet’s Personality!

Whether you’re a seasoned astrologer or just curious about how the universe might be influencing your pet’s life, this course provides tools and insights to forge a deeper bond with your animal companion. This on-demand self-study course allows you to explore the material at your own pace, providing you with the flexibility to learn whenever and wherever you choose. Here’s what you will learn:

Astrology Basics:

Don’t know your Mars from your Jupiter? No problem. We’ll start with the basics of astrology and how it applies not just to humans but to our animal friends as well.

Decoding Your Pet's Chart:

Here’s where it gets interesting. We’ll dive into your pet’s birth chart (yes, they have one too), interpreting what each planetary alignment says about their personality and quirks.

Synastry Chart Exploration:

We'll be making a synastry chart, putting your chart and your pet's chart together to see what lessons you are working on together, soul contracts, and past lives.

Astrological Guidance:

Now that you’re practically a pet astrologer, we’ll cover how to use this knowledge practically, how to work with your pet's strengths and bring out the best in them. 

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  • Interactive activities to enhance your intuitive connection with your pet.

1:1 Coaching Session!

  • Receive a one-on-one coaching session with your course enrollment! 
  • Benefit from personalized guidance and support where you can get your questions answered about the course material. 
  • Maximize your learning by ensuring you fully grasp and apply the insights from your self-study journey.
Why This Course?

Because Your Pet’s More Than Just Fur and Whiskers.

 They’re celestial beings in their own right, and it’s high time someone treated them as such. This course will give you a whole new perspective on why they do the weird (and wonderful) things they do.

  By understanding how these traits shape their behavior, it can help you tailor your interactions with them to better meet their needs and gain a greater appreciation for their individuality.

Exploring the celestial pathways that define your pet’s life and personality opens up an entirely new world of understanding and connection with your animal companion.

Maricris Nonato

This module is very insightful for anyone who loves science and facts and putting these together to make sense of our pets' behaviors and natural tendencies. It helps put perspective in the best way we can treat them and add harmony in living with them. It also puts the guardian's natural characteristics in play when investigating or understanding relationships within the home environment with the pets. There is also a bonus point that astrology is based on hard facts and could aid in readings with a guardian who likes getting advice or suggestions based on known information tangent to their concern.

Hi, I'm your guide Cheri Michelle,
Animal Communicator and Spiritual Teacher

Using spiritual tools to bridge communications between myself and animals has been a game-changer, and has truly transformed my connection with them. These tools have opened up new levels of understanding and insight, enriching my relationship with my animal companions beyond words.

In my courses, I offer innovative spiritual techniques, such as numerology and astrology readings, designed to deepen your understanding of your pets and reveal your shared spiritual potential.  

My commitment is to empower pet parents like you to strengthen your bond with your animal companions. Through the exploration of a variety of spiritual tools, I provide guidance and support to help you deepen your connection and elevate your relationship with your pet to new heights of respect and understanding.

Ready to Align with Your Pet’s Stars?

Curious about why your dog loves howling at the moon? It might just be in their stars. Let’s unlock those mysteries together.

This isn’t just about knowing your pet’s sun sign. It’s about deep cosmic bonding. If that’s your jam, let’s roll.