Connecting With Your Pets in Spirit

Experience again that comfort, closeness, and loving bond with your pet

Gain comfort and closure from talking to your animal companion

It is a sad, yet inevitable part of loving someone that one day we must say goodbye to them. But what happens when the death of your dear pet comes unexpectedly, or you cannot bear to let them go without knowing if they are happy where they are now? This is the reality of life for bereft pet owners who have no closure. But there is a glimmer of hope should you want it.

Revisit Your Loving Bond

As a professional pet communicator and animal medium, I work with loved ones as they grieve and find peace following the passing of their pet. I believe that nothing is quite as sacred as this gift I hold for restoring peace in the heart of a grief-stricken companion, yet I am only one person and cannot be everywhere at once. This led me to spend considerable time developing a way to share my gift with others:  My Connecting With Your Pets in Spirit communication package.

Why Should I Communicate With My Pet's Spirit?

I won’t lie - communicating with pets after death is an emotional experience, but one that can offer the familiar feeling of closeness you shared with your pet. This self-study course is designed to help you speak to your beloved pet in spirit while maintaining a strong grounding in the physical world.

● Experience the loving, gentle bond you and your beloved pet shared
● Feel closer to your departed pet even while physically separated
● Gain closure from the death of your pet through journaling
● Discover how to open the channels of communication by using your psychic senses
● Deepen communication with your pet in spirit

Embrace your loved one’s spirit using these teachable communication techniques to recover from grief and gain closure.

What's Included

I’ve provided you with all the tools and supplementary materials needed to communicate with your pet in spirit. These include:

✔ A meditation to connect you with your pet in spirit
✔ A meditation journal with exercises and techniques designed to increase your psychic connection
✔ Supplemental documentation on coping with pet loss
✔ Ways to honor your pet in spirit  

Cheri Michelle

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