Flower Reading for Pets

Exploring Your Pet's Past & Present Through the Wisdom of a Flower

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Think Flowers Are Just for Sniffing? Think Again.
Let’s Decode What They’re Really Telling Us About Your Pet.

You’re no stranger to wondering what’s going on in that furry head of your pet, right? You’ve tried it all: training tips, gadgets, long talks during walks. But what if the answers to understanding your pet's entire journey—from the time they were born to the present moment—were being whispered by the petals and stems you pass by every day? 

Welcome to the Flower Reading for Your Pet Course—a totally unique, one-month exploration into how to use the natural language of flowers to uncover deep insights about your pets. This isn’t your garden-variety pet class. This is about tapping into the ancient art of floromancy (flower divination) tailored specifically for your animal companion.

🌷 Learn to interpret flower symbols and their meanings for pets

🌻 Discover how to do a fresh flower reading for your pet to understand their journey from birth to the present moment

🌼 Learn how to receive insight into their past and how those experiences shaped who they are today

Course Curriculum

Dive into the Enchanting World of Flower Reading for Your Pets!

Discover the hidden language of flowers and find out what they reveal about your pet's emotions, personality, and journey. This on-demand self-study course allows you to explore the material at your own pace, providing you with the flexibility to learn whenever and wherever you choose. Here’s what you will learn:

Basics of Flower Readings:

Gain foundational knowledge about the art of flower reading. Learn how this practice can be specifically adapted to understanding pets.

The Parts of a Flower:

Explore the meanings associated with different parts of a flower—from roots to petals. Discover what each element can reveal about your pet's journey.

Doing a Pet Flower Reading:

Find out how to choose the right flower and learn how to conduct readings effectively, interpreting the signs that flowers offer.

Applying Insights:

Translate your findings into actionable insights to improve your pet’s well-being and your relationship.

*This is a self-paced, on-demand course. Join the Animal Insights Program for access to the live calls of all the 12 courses in the bundle!

You'll Also Receive These Enrollment Bonuses: 

Animal Insights Circle Membership!

  • Monthly support calls where we dive into a variety of fascinating topics about animals & our pets. 
  • Continued growth and learning: Stay connected with a supportive community for ongoing exploration and guidance beyond the course completion. 
  • Interactive activities to enhance your intuitive connection with your pet.

1:1 Coaching Session!

  • Receive a one-on-one coaching session with your course enrollment! 
  • Benefit from personalized guidance and support where you can get your questions answered about the course material. 
  • Maximize your learning by ensuring you fully grasp and apply the insights from your self-study journey.
Why This Course?

Because You’re the Type Who Likes to Get to the Root of Things.

 You're already snapping pictures of every cute moment. Why not make each moment more meaningful by truly understanding your pet's deeper needs and history?

 Understanding your pet goes beyond what traditional methods can offer. Flower readings provide a new dimension of connection and insight between you and your pet, opening up a world of profound revelations that are both spiritual and practical.  

With flower readings, each petal and leaf offer a story, a clue to your pet’s past experiences and current needs. By integrating these insights, you not only enrich your interaction but also foster a deeper bond that enhances the well-being of your animal companion.

Jenny Smith

Learning to do a flower reading was amazing! It blew my mind!

Hi, I'm your guide Cheri Michelle,
Animal Communicator and Spiritual Teacher

Using spiritual tools to bridge communications between myself and animals has been a game-changer, and has truly transformed my connection with them. These tools have opened up new levels of understanding and insight, enriching my relationship with my animal companions beyond words.

In my courses, I offer innovative spiritual techniques, such as numerology and astrology readings, designed to deepen your understanding of your pets and reveal your shared spiritual potential.  

My commitment is to empower pet parents like you to strengthen your bond with your animal companions. Through the exploration of a variety of spiritual tools, I provide guidance and support to help you deepen your connection and elevate your relationship with your pet to new heights of respect and understanding.

Ready to Turn Those Petals Into a Pathway to Understanding?

This might just change the way you walk through a garden forever—and definitely how you see your pet.

Are you in? Let’s start this floral adventure together!