Pendulum Basics

Using your pendulum with confidence

Have a pendulum, but don't know how to use it?
Maybe it doesn’t seem to work for you?  
Perhaps you don't trust the answers you receive?

Learn the Basics of the Pendulum

Learn the basics of using the pendulum as a tool for divination and dowsing in this mini course. The art of using a pendulum is something anyone can learn, master and enjoy experimenting with. This mini course offers an introduction to using a pendulum, from how it works, and what you need, to how to get started in using a pendulum successfully today.

Use the pendulum to identify allergies, cleanse and dispel negativity in a room, find lost objects, choose an essential oil, get clarity around an upcoming trip location, and more! The possibilities are endless!


✔ How to choose a pendulum as well as an introduction to the different types of pendulums
✔ How to calibrate or program your pendulum, and understand the various movements
✔ How to ask questions formed in a way to get accurate answers
✔ How and where to store your pendulum
✔ How to clear your pendulum and more!

Join the Live Workshop!

Go through the material at your own pace and/or join the live workshop!
Japan: August 25, 10am &  6pm
US: August 24, 6pm PST, 9pm EST
UK: August 25, 10am

Cheri Michelle

Hi, I'm Cheri, pronounced like the cherry blossom! I am an animal communicator, energy healer, and intuitive reader.

I am a professional animal communicator and pet medium who helps grieving people heal and find peace after the passing of their pet. I help people navigate through illness, aging, grief, and loss so they can find peace with the decisions they make. I act as a bridge to understanding the root causes of any behavioral issues so peace can be restored to the home. I help people to better understand the role our pets play in our lives, and the soul contracts we have with one another.

I use various energy healing modalities, including Reiki, pendulum healing, EFT tapping, chakra clearing, crystal grids, and my own signature energy healing modality.

My main passion is animals and I have always felt a deep connection with them. I have learned to open myself up further to their messages and develop my senses so that I may be a better bridge between the animals and their guardians.

My mission is to help empower animal communicators to explore various fun tools to deepen their communications with animals, alleviate the guesswork, and to tap into additional insight from the animals so they can further help, find solutions, and better resolve issues for people and their animal companions.

I am very heart centered and compassionate, and nothing makes me happier than to share my love and light, be uplifting, and fill people with hope and joy.

To find out more about me and my services please visit my main website

With Love, 


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