Pendulum for Pets

Uncover Truths and Discover Answers About Your Pet

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Ever Wondered What Your Pet Is Really Thinking? Let’s Swing Into Their World with a Pendulum!

Right off the bat, let me guess: You’re not just any pet guardian. You’re tuned in. You sense things. And now, you’re itching to dive deeper into what’s ticking behind those furry, feathery, or scaly façades. What if I told you that you could get answers straight from the horse’s (or dog’s, or cat’s) mouth?

Welcome to the Using the Pendulum for Pets Course—an adventure into the art of pendulum dowsing to communicate with your pets, understand their needs, and even pinpoint what ails them. This course goes beyond traditional pet care; it taps into the deep, unspoken language between you and your animal companion.

🐶 Learn how to use a pendulum to get answers to yes or no questions about your pet's behavior or health

😺 Understand how pendulums can be used as a diagnostic tool to identify the root cause of your pet's behavioral issues and help you determine the optimal holistic treatment for them

🐹 Discover how map dowsing with a pendulum can help you locate a lost pet and bring them back home safely

Course Curriculum

Dive into the Fascinating World of Using the Pendulum for Your Pets!

Uncover hidden insights about your pet through the power of a pendulum. Learn to effectively use the pendulum to gain insights into your pet's character, behavior, traits, health, and wellness. This on-demand self-study course allows you to explore the material at your own pace, providing you with the flexibility to learn whenever and wherever you choose. Here’s what you will learn:

Pendulum Basics 101:

Never swung a pendulum? No sweat. We’ll cover the what’s, why’s, and how’s. In no time at all, you’ll be swinging it like a pro, understanding yes, no, and maybe so.

Dive Into Pet Health:

Learn how to ask the right questions about your pet's health. Is it the food? A hidden pain? Allergies? Get ready to become your pet’s personal health detective.

Behavioral Mysteries:

Why is your cat suddenly avoiding a room in the home? Why does your dog despise the mailman? The pendulum will help you unravel these behavioral conundrums.

Refine Your Technique:

Refine your technique, learning more about your pet with each swing. More than just answers, it’s about understanding and deepening your relationship.

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You'll Also Receive These Enrollment Bonuses: 

Animal Insights Circle Membership!

  • Monthly support calls where we dive into a variety of fascinating topics about animals & our pets. 
  • Continued growth and learning: Stay connected with a supportive community for ongoing exploration and guidance beyond the course completion. 
  • Interactive activities to enhance your intuitive connection with your pet.

1:1 Coaching Session!

  • Receive a one-on-one coaching session with your course enrollment! 
  • Benefit from personalized guidance and support where you can get your questions answered about the course material. 
  • Maximize your learning by ensuring you fully grasp and apply the insights from your self-study journey.
Why This Course?

Because You’re Not the Average Pet Guardian.

You're a pet parent who seeks the very best for your animal companions. You believe in exploring every avenue to ensure their happiness and well-being.

You could keep guessing what’s bothering your pet, or you could step up and find out directly from them. This course isn’t just a how-to swing a pendulum; it’s a doorway to a whole new level of pet companionship.

 You've decoded the barks, mastered the meows, and even interpreted those loving glances. But sometimes, don't you wish you could just ask your pet what’s up and get a clear yes or no? What if I told you that with a simple pendulum, you could do just that—and more?

Dayna Moncrief

Love all the resources and info you provide!! Learning and exploring so much!

Hi, I'm your guide Cheri Michelle,
Animal Communicator and Spiritual Teacher

Using spiritual tools to bridge communications between myself and animals has been a game-changer, and has truly transformed my connection with them. These tools have opened up new levels of understanding and insight, enriching my relationship with my animal companions beyond words.

In my courses, I offer innovative spiritual techniques, such as numerology and astrology readings, designed to deepen your understanding of your pets and reveal your shared spiritual potential.  

My commitment is to empower pet parents like you to strengthen your bond with your animal companions. Through the exploration of a variety of spiritual tools, I provide guidance and support to help you deepen your connection and elevate your relationship with your pet to new heights of respect and understanding.

Ready to Get the Real Scoop on Your Pet’s Thoughts and Needs?

This is your chance to turn every swing into a conversation with your pet. Let’s not waste another minute.

Stop guessing what’s bothering your pet. Start asking, and let the pendulum reveal the answers. Enroll now and become the pet whisperer you were meant to be.