Sakura Spiritual Academy Method for SPIRITUAL AWAKENING WITH YOUR PET

A journey of discovery, expansion, and exploration

Animal communication is a continual journey of finding your niche, discovering where your strengths and passions lie, and exploring ways to expand into new and unique ways of communicating with animals.  

Do you ever look at your pets and wonder about what it is that they are teaching you or helping you with, and the overall larger picture of why they are in your life?  

Do you communicate with your animal companions, but feel there's something missing?

You are not alone!

✔ understand your pet on a deeper level
✔ explore various spiritual techniques & modalities in order to learn more about your pet
✔ expand your animal communicator's toolkit
✔ get clarity around your niche and discover what else is out there
✔ have a more meaningful relationship with your pet

Well, I'm here to tell you that you've come to the right place! 

Explore Spiritual Development Together - The Group Program

Develop your relationship with your pet, increase empathy and communication between you both, and improve the energy flow in your home.

This group program is for animal communicators, animal lovers, and pet parents who are ready to expand upon their knowledge by exploring spiritual techniques through a variety of spiritual modalities.

Nurture a coupled spiritual life side-by-side with your animal companions

Some people drift through life without experiencing the true joy of spiritual awakening and the benefits that it brings. Others work towards achieving spirituality for themselves, introducing their techniques to their families so they can also understand one’s place in the universe.  

Pets are family too. 

While spiritual awakening is considered a concept that only applies to humans, it’s clear that throughout the animal kingdom, spirituality abounds. Kevin Nelson, a neurologist with 30+ years of experience in spiritual sensation states:   

“Since the most primitive areas of our brain happen to be spiritual, then we can expect that animals are also capable of spiritual experiences.”

What's Covered in the Program?

Introducing our 3-pronged approach to our Spiritual Awakening with your Pet program:

TERRA (mind)
COSMOS (spirit)

A complete step-by-step framework to help you better understand and connect with your animal companion on a quantum level.

What's in the Program?

●Twice monthly live group learning sessions (up to 90 minutes)
●Group activities focused around the monthly theme
●Full access to a private Facebook group for 6 months
●Supplemental handouts for each month's topic

PLUS! As a bonus to you, I will offer a unique class on how to do a fresh flower reading for your pet. Learn how to receive insight into your pet's journey together with you through a flower reading.

Enrollment is now open for this 6-month online SPIRITUAL AWAKENING WITH YOUR PET group program starting July 10th!

Deepening your psychic development to communicate with your pets is an ongoing journey of discovery.  

 This 6-month program provides a basic grounding in a variety of fun spiritual topics to expand your relationship with your pet.

Meet Cheri

I’m your guide Cheri Michelle. Working as an animal communicator, energy healer and intuitive reader. I’m fortunate to use tools to bridge communication between human and animal. My mentoring program provides you with innovative spiritual techniques such as numerology and animal chakra readings allowing you to hone your psychic abilities to understand your animal companion and increase your combined spiritual potential. My mission is simple - to help empower animal communicators, experienced and not, better understand their pets, deepen the connection with their animal companions, and learn about the ways their animals are guiding and supporting them on their journey together through life and beyond. 

Course Pricing

Frequently Asked Questions

There will be two options to choose from. They will be offered the 1st & 3rd Friday each month at 9am and 6pm Japan time starting July 15.  *July's sessions will be on July 15 and July 22.

All sessions will be uploaded to the course where you will be able to access and watch them at your convenience.

This program is for animal communicators regardless of where you are on your journey, animal lovers, and pet parents.

Get your questions answered, receive support, and participate in group activities in the private Facebook group or through the community section of Sakura Spiritual Academy.

You will have lifetime access to the material in the program.

Ready to get started?