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Cheri Michelle - How I Became an Animal Communicator

Discover how Cheri Michelle became an animal communicator, and explore her unique courses designed to deepen your connection with your pets.

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The Beginning of My Animal Communication Journey

If you had asked me about animal communication 12 years ago, I would have dismissed it as pure fantasy. The concept seemed as fictional as Dr. Dolittle, a character from a beloved movie, or Mister Ed, the whimsical talking horse from television. 

My perspective radically changed after watching a well-known animal communicator on a Japanese TV program, where she communicated with pets live. Witnessing this, the notion of talking to animals transformed from a childhood fantasy into a tangible reality. Heidi Wright, the communicator, demonstrated that it was not only possible but that there were gifted individuals truly capable of understanding and speaking with our animal friends.

This revelation ignited a curiosity within me about my own pets. I pondered deeply on what life would be like if I could communicate with them, understand their needs, and alleviate their struggles. Motivated by this curiosity and the desire to deepen my connection with my pets, I set out on a path of learning. I consumed books, attended workshops, and practiced tirelessly. This journey wasn't just about acquiring a new skill—it was a profound voyage of personal growth and spiritual discovery.

The Birth of My Animal Communication Business

As my ability to communicate with animals strengthened, I realized the impact I could have. It was not only about chatting with pets; it was about facilitating a deeper understanding between animals and their guardians. This realization led me to establish my business, where I could offer this service to others, providing a voice for their pets and improving their life together.

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Animal Insights Program

To empower pet guardians with deeper understanding and connection, I created the "Animal Insights Program." This comprehensive program explores a variety of spiritual tools and techniques that enrich the connection between pets and their guardians. Here's what the program covers:

  • Astrology for Pets: Uncovering how the stars influence your pet's personality and behaviors.
  • Numerology for Pets: Exploring the significance of numbers in your pet’s life.
  • Feng Shui for Pets: Enhancing your pet's environment for optimal energy flow.
  • Energy Healing for Pets: Techniques to improve your pet’s physical and emotional well-being.
  • Your Pet's Energy Body: Understanding the energetic anatomy of your pet.
  • Akashic Records for Pets: Accessing the cosmic records to understand your pet's past, present, and potential future.
  • Using Oracle Cards for Pets: Gaining insights through oracle cards to guide your interactions and decisions.
  • Using a Pendulum for Pets: Learning how to use a pendulum for answering questions and making decisions concerning your pets.
  • Angel Paws (Connecting with Your Pet in Spirit): Techniques to connect with pets who have passed on.
  • Nature and Wildlife Connections: Exploring the natural connections between your pet and the wild.
  • Flower Readings for Pets: Using the wisdom of flowers to read and learn about your pet’s past and present.
  • Your Pet’s Spirit Team: Discovering and working with your pet’s spiritual guides.

This program is designed not just to teach techniques but to foster a holistic and spiritual approach to pet guardianship, enhancing both understanding and empathy between pets and their human companions.

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How Zenler Supports My Mission

I'd like to give a shout out to Zenler as it has been instrumental in bringing the Animal Insights Program to a wider audience. This all-in-one platform allows me to host my courses with ease, providing tools for email marketing, website management, and student engagement—all in one place. Zenler's user-friendly design ensures that even those who are not tech-savvy can navigate and utilize its features effectively. The platform has recently enhanced its functionality with new features like quiz and survey tools, which I plan to integrate into my courses to enhance learning and feedback.

Zenler's comprehensive support and resource library have also been invaluable, enabling me to focus more on teaching and less on the technical aspects of course management. 

If you are searching for an amazing all-in-one platform then look no further than Zenler! Get a free trial for Zenler with this special invite link: ZENLER (affiliate link).

Start Your Journey of Discovery and Connection With Your Pet

Begin a transformative journey with your pet through the Animal Insights Program. This program is designed to elevate your relationship with your pet, helping you to understand your pet like never before. By joining, you'll gain the tools to create a deeper bond and a more harmonious life together. Check out the Animal Insights Program and take your relationship with your pet to higher heights. 

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