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Discover how spiritual tools like astrology, energy healing, and Akashic Records can deepen your connection with your pet.

Pet Connection

Using Spiritual Tools Helped me to Understand my Pets Like Never Before!

As the desire for a deeper connection with our pets grows, many of us find ourselves seeking ways to truly understand and bond with our animal companions, such as utilizing spiritual tools. We want to know not just the whys behind their behaviors—why they act in certain ways or what we can do to increase their happiness—but also how they feel about their lives with us.

My own journey into animal communication began when I had to assist my Yorkshire Terrier, Milky, over the rainbow bridge with the help of euthanasia. Wracked with questions and guilt—Was he in pain? Did he forgive me for making that choice?—I sought the help of a renowned animal communicator. Not only did I find solace in her answers about Milky’s final moments and his life on the other side, but I also learned about his past before he became a cherished part of my family. This experience not only provided closure but sparked my passion for animal communication.

However, communicating directly with animals sometimes leaves certain questions unanswered or some topics unexplored. Driven by a deep desire to understand my pets on multiple levels, I began to explore various spiritual tools. From numerology and astrology to oracle cards, each method opened new dimensions of insight. These tools have not only deepened my connections but have also alleviated my concerns, clarified behavioral misunderstandings, and helped me to feel more connected with my pets who have passed on. I was even able to discover where my feral cats were spending their time when they were away.

Amazed by the clarity and peace these tools have brought me, I feel compelled to share these techniques with other pet guardians. My goal is to help you experience the same sense of relief and connection that has so enriched my life. If you’re looking to resolve behavioral mysteries, heal old wounds, or simply understand your pet a little better, the spiritual insights available through these methods can open doors to a more rewarding relationship with your pets.

Pet relationship

Hi, I’m Cheri! I'm an animal communicator, specializing in pet mediumship, and a dedicated spiritual teacher. Through my work, I empower pet guardians to understand their animal companions on a deeper, more expanded level. In my courses, I share how to use a variety of spiritual tools and techniques, enabling pet parents to deepen their connections with their pets, and take their relationship to new heights.

I’m going to briefly introduce some of the amazing spiritual tools that have helped me along the way in understanding my pets and cultivating a deeper bond with them.

1. Akashic Records for Pets

The Akashic Records are often described as a spiritual encyclopedia that encompasses an individual's entire existence across all dimensions and times. Accessing our pet’s records can provide profound insights into their soul contracts and past lives, making them a powerful spiritual tool for any pet guardian seeking deeper understanding.

Accessing your pet’s Akashic Records can unveil mysteries and answer deep-seated questions about your shared journeys and individual pasts. Whether it's understanding persistent behaviors or reconciling with a pet's passing, the Akashic Records offer closure and new perspectives that deepen the bond between you and your pet.

2. Astrology for Pets

Astrology provides fascinating insights into the personalities and behavioral tendencies of our pets by analyzing the positions of stars and planets at the time of their birth. Just like humans, pets exhibit traits influenced by their astrological signs which can explain a lot about their behavior.

Diving deeper into the charts of my sibling hamsters, I discovered that their Sun sign in Pisces not only emphasized their mystical and sensitive traits but also highlighted the healing energy they brought into my life. Pet astrology offers a unique lens through which to view our pets, revealing how they influence us just as profoundly as we influence them.

3. Energy Healing for Pets

Energy healing encompasses a variety of practices aimed at manipulating the subtle energy fields that envelop all living beings. Recognized in many traditions as Chi, Ki, Qi, Prana, or simply life force, this energy pervades the universe and can be harnessed to promote health and balance. In pets, tapping into this energy through methods such as Reiki or acupressure can accelerate healing and improve overall well-being.

A notable example involved a client’s cat who frequently attacked her guardian’s legs. Despite the playfulness, there was an underlying issue of pent-up energy. After an energy healing session and what seemed like overnight, the cat stopped this behavior, becoming noticeably more relaxed and content.

Reiki Energy Healing for Pets

4. Feng Shui for Pets

Feng Shui, the ancient art of arranging living spaces to promote harmony and balance, can also benefit our pets significantly. The principle that the energy of our environment affects us holds true for animals as well. By implementing pet Feng Shui techniques like altering the placement of a pet's bed or feeding area can not only lead to immediate and positive changes in their behavior, but you can create a harmonious environment that promotes your pet’s happiness and health.

A client of mine adjusted her dog's bed based on Feng Shui principles and noticed an instant preference for the new location. This small change in the living space did not just enhance the dog's comfort, but his feelings of having a safe place to relax, proving that our environments are powerful influencers of well-being.

5. Flower Readings for Pets

Flower readings for pets offer insightful glimpses into the emotional and physical journey of our animals from birth to the present. Each part of a flower, from stem to petal, holds symbolic meanings that can be interpreted to understand more about a pet’s life experiences and current emotional state. This unique technique can reveal how a pet’s past influences their behavior today.

When I conducted a pet flower reading for a client’s dog named Jethro, he was drawn to the sunflower, which symbolizes a desire to be in the spotlight—much like his behavior at home, where he enjoyed basking in the garden's sunflowers. This connection between his preference and his behavior provided valuable insights into his needs and preferences, deepening the understanding between Jethro and his guardian.

6. Numerology for Pets

Numerology for pets offers a unique perspective on understanding your pet’s personality and potential life challenges. By calculating key numerical values, pet numerology can reveal how specific numbers influence your pet’s behavior and life path, helping you to cater to their needs more effectively.

After rescuing my dog Milky, I created a numerology chart that astonishingly reflected his personality and needs. His Birth Day Number was 4, symbolizing stability—a poignant insight given his past experiences of abandonment and his deep desire for a secure and stable environment. This understanding helped in providing him with the nurturing he needed to thrive in his life with us.

Oracle Cards and Pendulum

7. Oracle Cards for Pets

Using oracle cards for pets can give us valuable insights about their health, emotions, and spiritual journeys. In an oracle card reading, the rich imagery, symbols, and messages not only provide specific answers and guidance about our pets but also help us to gain a deeper understanding and clarity.

I've found oracle cards especially useful in lost pet cases. Once, while helping to locate a missing dog, the oracle cards I drew remarkably reflected the images and scenarios the dog communicated to me— providing crucial clues that assisted in the ongoing search efforts.

8. Pendulum for Pets

Pendulum dowsing for pets is another effective way to gain clarity on various aspects of their health and well-being. Using a pendulum for pets provides clear yes or no answers that help in making informed decisions. It works by responding to subtle energy vibrations, providing a clear method of communication between us and our pets.

One memorable case involved a client's pet suffering from persistent skin issues despite a healthy diet and supplements. Using a pendulum, I identified specific food items that were actually detrimental, not beneficial. Eliminating these from her pet's diet led to a rapid and significant improvement in their condition.

9. Your Pet's Energy Body

Just like humans, pets have complex energy systems, including chakras, meridians, and auras, which influence their physical and emotional health. By understanding and balancing your pet’s energy body, we can address and prevent various health and behavioral issues. This holistic approach ensures our pets are not only healthy in body but also in spirit.

Currently, I am applying energy healing techniques to the root and brachial chakras of my feral cats. This not only enhances their overall well-being but also balances their human - animal connection and interaction, ensuring they feel safe and supported in their environment.

Pet Chakras

10. Your Pet's Spirit Team

Just as humans have guardian angels, our pets too are watched over by spirit guides. These guides offer protection, comfort, and spiritual support throughout our pets' lives. By identifying and communicating with your pet’s spirit team, we can provide additional layers of support and intervention when our pets need it most.

In my practice, I often call upon specific archangels to assist with my feral cats, requesting protection, healing, and guidance. Knowing that these powerful spiritual allies are looking out for my cats brings comfort and reassurance, both to me and to the animals in my care.

11. Angel Paws (communicating with pets in spirit)

Losing a pet is heartbreaking, but communication doesn't have to end with their physical departure. Communicating with pets in spirit can provide comfort, healing, and closure during times of grief. By using spiritual tools and techniques, we can maintain a connection with our departed pets, allowing us to continue feeling their presence and love, despite their physical absence.

Each of my pets' passings has brought unique emotional challenges and spiritual lessons. By reconnecting with them in the spirit world, I've found solace and answers, helping to ease the pain of loss and celebrate the eternal bond we share.

12. Nature & Wildlife Connections

Strengthening our connection to nature through nature and wildlife communication enhances our understanding of our pets and all living beings. Developing a deep nature connection not only enriches our relationships with our pets but also fosters a greater empathy towards wildlife and the natural world.

In my dialogues with wildlife, have received profound wisdom which has helped me in all aspects of life. For instance, a zebra once shared insights about embracing our uniqueness, while a cherry blossom tree spoke of the beauty of living fully in the present. These encounters remind us of the deep interconnections between all life forms and the lessons we can learn from every creature we meet.

Natue and Wildlife Connection

Desiring a Deeper Bond With Your Pet? 

As we've explored various spiritual tools, it's clear that integrating these into pet care greatly transforms our relationships with our animal companions. From the insights provided by astrology and numerology to the healing potential of energy work and the emotional connections fostered through communication with spirit guides, each tool offers a unique pathway to deeper understanding and stronger bonds with our pets. These methods are not just about understanding our pets but enriching the lives we share with them, adding depth and harmony to our mutual existence.

I invite you to explore the Animal Insights Program for more detailed learning and personal growth with your pets. This comprehensive program is designed to teach you about these tools and guide you in applying them effectively to foster personal growth and a deeper connection with your pets. Whether you're looking to solve specific behavioral issues, enhance your pet's wellbeing, or simply understand them on a more expanded level, the Animal Insights Program can open new doors to a world where you and your pet thrive together in mutual understanding and harmony. Dive into this transformative journey and see how these spiritual tools can revolutionize your relationship with your pet.



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