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Wildlife Connections - Rabbit

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I had the privilege of connecting with a rabbit once. He said that is name was John and told me "I have a lot of wisdom to share." 

He told me about accepting life, releasing worry and fear of the future, and becoming more present, as this is where our soul resides. 

He had another important message to share, "Accept and love yourself. You are beautiful in whatever shape or form. Any thoughts of shortcomings are all in your mind. You are perfect the way you are." 

He sent me an image of himself and other animals as comparison, to bring up how he is living life to the fullest in the body he is in, regardless of any possible shortcomings that come with being in a body of a rabbit. "Every body has its limitations. Love and accept them, make them work for you. You may not be able to fly, but you can do many other things. Focus only on the positives of your wonderful body and self." This was in reference not to compare one with another, and reminds me of a quote I saw recently about two flowers, different but both beautiful in their own right.

Wild rabbit

Rabbit symbolism reminds us to examine and use the tools we have within ourselves. Even though our instincts are inherent, they also need nurturing and development. Rabbit meaning primarily deals with abundance, comfort, and vulnerability. When was the last time you saw a live rabbit?


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